After January’s Qualifier competition featuring both NOC and SOC environments, planning for the NECCDC 2022 Regional is underway! After two outstanding remote seasons, we are excited to announce that our next regional competition will be hosted on-site at Champlain College’s Burlington, Vermont campus.


The theme of NECCDC 2022 is “The Hunt”. The focus of this year’s qualifier and regional competition will be on the analytic and investigative skills that security professionals require when hunting for and mitigating novel and persistent threats to their networks. Blue Teams will need to peel back the layers from threat indicators to detailed root cause analysis all while keeping critical services running and responding to management requests for information.

The NECCDC 2022 Regional competition is scheduled for Friday March 18 - Sunday March 20, 2022. Please pencil us into your calendars and stay tuned to and @neccdl on Twitter for more information. If you have questions, feel free to email the League at (edited)