Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense League member Institutions are entitled to various training and collaborative resources. Access to exclusive resources must be requested in the specified way by the representative designated by the member Institution.

If an Institution would like to join the League for access to the resources below, please begin the process by submitting the form at:

League Slack Community

A Slack community for League Institutions to collaborate and an auxiliary means of receiving announcements. One account per institution, managed by a designated faculty/staff representative. Coaches can request access to the League SLack community via

League GitHub Organization

Request to be added to the League GitHub organization via form:

Competitive Cyber Clubs National Discord for Coaches, Alumni, and Students

Students, coaches, and alumni can participate in the National Competitive Cyber Clubs Discord. The Northeast League does not manage this Discord, and is thus not responsible for what occurs there. Join via

Palo Alto Networks

The League is partnering with Palo Alto Networks to provide CCDC focused training resources for their products, which may be seen in NECCDC 2020 Season environments.

PAN-1 PAN CCDC Moodle Course:

All students can participate in the CCDC course. Information on self enrollment can be requested by coaches via

PAN-2 Up to 2 NDG NETLAB Palo Alto Training Environment Access Tokens

Request tokens via form:

PAN-3 One PAN VM-50 Virtual Firewall Appliance

Request VM-50 Virtual Appliance and License via form:

Cloud Credits for Practice Environments

League Member Institutions may acquire credits for usage in practice environments in multiple ways:

  • CC-1 Sign up for AWS Educate to have access to training material and courses, and apply for promotional credits.

  • CC-2 Claim up to $50 in AWS credit from the NECCDLeague via form: