NECCDC 2022 Season Theme

The theme of the NECCDC 2022 Season is “The Hunt”. Student competitors are expected to be able to implement and maintain technologies that improve an organization’s network and service visibility.

As the industry has seen in the last several months, computer systems and the software that they run can become vulnerable. Systems may need to be secured with little planning or forethought, which presents a unique set of challenges to those tasked with their security. This is particularly true when security teams have little advanced warning to implement new changes that may interfere with the operability of organizational services. Endpoint detection and identity management become paramount while perimeter security and utilization of trusted systems become much more difficult. Similarly, supporting these systems and their users becomes more challenging when leveraging zero trust.

Concepts involved in the theme of “The Hunt” include:

  • Relationship between host-based and network-based protection
  • Evaluating trust relationships between systems
  • Understanding the strategic objectives of adversaries in a highly agile environment
  • Utilizing the SOC and NOC teams’ tools, techniques and procedures

Technologies and processes that often help support security:

  • Robust authentication and access control systems
  • Strong endpoint detection and monitoring
  • Inventories and asset management
  • Incident response tools